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Gydra - Lava Run - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN093

Having survived the treacherous path that now lay behind them, a group of ardent adventurers found themselves before the gates of a great temple, shrouded in mists atop the highest peak in their land. From within rang out a titanic voice that shook the earth with its every word, permeating the very souls of those who stood before the gate. “Hear me, supplicants to this temple” rang its initial call, “Know that you tread upon the grounds of Snake Monastery, and that you shall face many tests and trials should you seek to proceed in whatever quest hath brought you here. You now face the #LavaRun, and should you hope to continue you must prove your worth.” These words the voice left to echo throughout the mountain peaks as the adventurers set to the task before with utmost resolve. Utilizing every ounce of their combined might, they heaved open the doors to the great temple, which shuddered open to reveal a most terrifying sight. Approaching unstoppably towards them was a boulder of titanic size, seemingly unseated from its pedestal by the gate’s monumental motion. With practiced synchronicity the adventurers sprang into action, preparing to meet the boulder head on in the midst of its fast approaching onslaught. Yet, at the last moment before their inevitable collision, one amongst the adventurers raised a single fist and struck with all of their might at the boulder’s core. With nary a second remaining before it would have crushed the party beneath its incomprehensible mass, the boulder was reduced to naught but dust, and the path forwards through the temple lay open. “It seems you are indeed of the strength to continue,” came the voice from within “but brawn alone will not grant you admittance to the Snake Monastery’s inner sanctum. Continue further, if you are truly worthy, and face the next trial!”

#Gydra return to #Eatbrain with their latest single, #LavaRun. Following a dearth of releases across labels such as #BadTasteRecordings, #C4CRecordings, #EATBRAIN, and their own label #NeuropunkRecordings, #GYDRA’s latest single sees the duo displaying the raw force of their sonic capabilities at maximum capacity as they seek to discover who amongst the #EATBRAIN horde is strong enough to complete this trial and those yet to come.

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