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Habit - Worst Case Scenario / Lil' Roller - ProgRAM / PRGRAM104

A decade deep into the New Zealand drum & bass scene, #Habit joins the #Program crates for another selection. After already debuting on the sister-label of #RamRecords through his part on its seminal 100th release, he makes a 2020 return through his forthcoming single ‘#WorstCaseScenario’ and its flipside #LilRoller’.

Rumbling with low-lying sub bass and rising synthesis '#WorstCaseScenario’ rolls out first. #Habit then flicks the switch with '#LilRoller' alongside keyed note patterns moving into the track’s lead, showcasing the funk beneath its high-powered drum patches.

With #Habit driving the wheel this time, it’s once again time to get with the #Program. And for this chapter, taking you overseas to a place where drum & bass still reigns supreme.

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