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HIVE 2021 - Abducted LTD / ALTD085

Welcome to our 3rd installment in the "Hive" series, where we highlight the variety of sounds and styles that have come to make Abducted LTD one of the American frontrunners in Neurofunk. 11 diverse tracks spanning from heavy and fast paced mayhem all the way to the deeper and darker depths of the subgenre and many styles in between.

Featuring tracks from some of our core group and new comers alike: Nemean, Sequential, MV, Hanm, Knoxz, Proton X, Avoider, Volmax (SVK), FractalOne, Scout 22 & Exit 4 this release has a little something for everyone. So step into the darkness with our latest release, the HIVE 2021 LP.

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