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HYBRID BLAK - HYBRID BLAK : 2022 Highlights / HB-Y2022

HYBRID BLAK Records are proud to present their end of year compilation, showcasing the biggest, hardest, and best of their roster. Featuring Mechanical Vein, Biomechanimal, MORIS BLAK, Saltee, RetiredOrphan, The Surgery, and more, this label compilation highlights the breadth of genres and artistry that HYBRID BLAK has released this year.

For those most interested in specific genres of our type of genre-bending dark bass, you can find your preferred vibe here:

Drum & Bass: Breakdown, ReAnimator, Parasomnia I: Prey, King of Cups (Saltee Remix)

Bass Metal: From The Mouths Of Beasts, Breakdown, Parasomnia I: Prey

Industrial Bass: State Rejects, Cemetery Wind, Feel Your Noise (TriS Remix)

Midtempo: release, R DUST, BOUNTY HUNTER, Feel Your Noise (TriS Remix)


Cinematic/Moody: RUIN

Trap / Hip Hop: Cemetery Wind

Track List:

01 - Mechanical Vein x Biomechanimal - Breakdown (ft. Lecture)

02 - MORIS BLAK x Moaan Exis - State Rejects (ft. grabyourface)

03 - RetiredOrphan - BOUNTY HUNTER

04 - The Surgery x MC Reptile - ReAnimator

05 - Saltee - Parasomnia I: Prey (ft. Marko Kokotovic)

06 - Biomechanimal - From The Mouths Of Beasts

07 - Mechanical Vein x MORIS BLAK - Cemetery Wind

08 - RetiredOrphan x Emil Pengt - RUIN

09 - SO CALLED - release

10 - XÆRA - R DUST

11 - Mechanical Vein - Feel Your Noise (TriS Remix)

12 - Biomechanimal - King of Cups (Saltee Remix)

HYBRID BLAK Records - Links:

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