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Hyperlynx - Genesis EP - FutureVibes / FVM009

The latest offering from Canadian bass label FutureVibes Music comes to audiophiles from Victoria, B.C. FutureVibes has been progressively rising to prominence in bass music across Canada and beyond by focusing on a roster of homegrown talent;Canadian artists from coast to coast that bring musical proclivity and artistry to underground genres. FutureVibes’ ninth release, Genesis EP, is a four-track solo effortfrom Hyperlynx, Victoria’s 170 wizard. Due for release on all platforms June 16th, 2023.

Hyperlynx has been producing tunes for a decade in the realm of 170. He makes various genres of drum and bass covering the spectrum of the category, positioning himself as a mainstay in the genre and a welcome addition to the FutureVibes family. With a steady stream of releases over the last few years, Hyperlynx has continued to rise in notoriety among drum and bass fans and is a fixture in Victoria’s nightlife scene.

The Genesis EP is four tracks of pure energy from front to back. Read: this release is appropriate for primetime, not opening duties. Genesis includes a notable collab with Montreal’s Trenchfoot, who is better known for slower bpms, but brings the heat to faster tempos all the same. Their tune together “Bravado” smashes the dance and showcases why Canadian producers are gaining momentum on a global scale. Genesis’ first tune, “Poppin,” starts with a mariachi melody (complete with horn section)

and morphs into a punchy dnb roller. The horn section remains throughout as an accoutrement, rounding out the tune and keeping it rugged. It premieres on Headbang Society June 16th.

Wormhole is a neuro jump up banger with a futuristic dystopian feeling and unique sound design. The staggered drum patterns and ever shifting phrasing makes this one a dance floor destroyer. It will premiere on Data Transmission's drum and bass channel on June 15th.

The EP’s title track, “Genesis” features an eerie synth sample and a bassline that hits

like a sledgehammer. “Genesis” is sure to get tons of festival play this summer and is the perfect soundtrack for bassface and dancefloor marching.

All in all, the production on Genesis Ep is top notch, with hard hitting beats and basslines. There are further moments of musicality and melody, making Genesis a well rounded 170 classic.

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