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Inertia - Force In Motion EP - IN:DEEP / IN:DEEP042

INERTIA make their debut release on IN:DEEP with FORCE IN MOTION, a five-track EP that comes as the New Zealand based duo’s first release following their formation in the last year. A collaborative project between producers Dan Kinraid (KINA) & Alex Lowe (M2MYU), FORCE IN MOTION displays the pair’s shared affinity for umbral drum & bass driven by the considerable energy that the EP’s name implies.

FORCE IN MOTION is opened by “Blow Ya Nose”, a track that sees its smooth moving rhythm contrasted by the coarse roars of an accompanying bassline. The glassy atmosphere of VOODOO follows next, in which crystalline pads are quickly shattered by the stutter-stepped percussion and staccato low-end frequencies that rise up beneath them. These textures are then supplanted by the bestial tonalities of BABADOOK, which creates an environment of eerie sonics in which the track’s undulating sub-frequency rhythm stands as the apex predator. From here the EP dives into RABBITHOLE, which follows a descending arpeggio ever-downwards before reaching its furious sub-frequency terminus. HUSK then closes the EP, drifting in with a psychedelic flair that lends a final levity to the heavyweight sonics that dominate FORCE IN MOTION.

INERTIA find a fitting home for their first release as they bring FORCE IN MOTION to IN:DEEP, delivering five tracks in fitting with the sounds for which the label is known. Propelled forwards by the sonic power contained within the EP, INERTIA are set to spread their sound further throughout the depths of drum & bass.

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