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Inertia (NZ) - Shadows EP - IN:DEEP Music / IN:DEEP044

INERTIA return to IN:DEEP with their followup to 2021’s “Force in Motion” EP on the label, which comes in the form of their latest release entitled SHADOWS. Since their first appearance on the label last year which came soon after their formation, the duo behind INERTIA have kept busy with a number of recent releases in the interim on labels including Citrus Music, Four Corners Music, and Resonate Audio. With SHADOWS, the duo debut five new tracks spanning the breadth of their sonic range and fitting with the exacting philosophy present throughout the rest of the IN:DEEP back catalog.

The EP’s first track, 95, drifts with ease through the foundational sounds of the Drum & Bass genre whilst a breakbeat rolls out effortlessly below, and finds itself contrasted by the metallic and technical tonalities of the track ABDUCTION which follows it. The percussive STIMULANTS then continues to accelerate the pace of the EP, stripping it down to its bare essentialls amidst a cacophony of tripped out vocals which provide a prelude of psychedelic tension that is released by the elastic movements of the bassline within WAGNEW as it follows in step with the prior track. Finally, the bellowing roars of WILDTHING sweep through the remaining duration of the EP with vigor and ferocity alike, reigned in only by the steady rhythms that drive and direct them forward to the work’s end.

With SHADOWS, newfound duo INTERTIA continue to hone and develop their sound after their breakout first year as they return to IN:DEEP to champion minimalistic sonics for which the label is known and deliver five exacting slices of Drum & Bass to those with an ear tuned for the duo’s shadowy sounds.

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