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Invert Era - Understated EP - Onyx Recordings / JET004

He’s a name you may not be familiar with, but he’s sure to be one you can’t stop talking about in years to come. Invert Era, AKA Charlie Reeve, shot onto the drum and bass scene last year after being featured on Korsakov Music’s Future Stars Vol 1 compilation, and ever since he has shown unquestionable quality. Whether it was his remix of Muted Hue’s ‘Horizons’, or the stomping ‘Give Me’ single on DNB Allstars Records – which has already surpassed 200K streams on Spotify.

It may have only been a year, but in that short space of time Invert Era has already crafted a name for himself as someone with a keen ear for a silly bassline and a vibey, techy beat. His debut Understated EP on Onyx Recordings is no exception, and it’s the next stage in the producer’s rise.

As an artist hailing from Brighton, Invert Era’s link up with Onyx was inevitable – and one we’ve been keeping under wraps for a while now. Coming in as the fourth edition of our JET series, Understated is a body of work we’re extremely proud to present.

It’s an EP showcasing the range of capabilities the Invert Era sound has to offer. Whether it’s the punchy drums and booky atmospheric synths of the title track featuring MC XL, the Ivy Lab inspired sound of ‘Motionless’, or the retro-future aesthetic of ‘KD’ – a track directly inspired by the Bladerunner films (with a sample you may recognise from Bladerunner 2049). That’s not even mentioning the mammoth ‘Back 2’ link up with another artist from Onyx’s release roster, Manual. We weren’t lying when we said this EP demonstrates a range of capabilities…

With a background in film and a hand in other genres of electronic music, combined with influences spanning everything from Machinedrum to Rammstein, you can expect a whole bag of unpredictable goodness from Invert Era in years to come.

While many people may not know the person behind the music, after listening to Invert Era’s Understated EP they will be fully aware of his ability to surprise, entertain and enlighten with diverse production. The future is undoubtedly bright for this one.

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