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Jabba - Radius EP - ProgRAM / PRGRAM109

#Jabba makes his debut on #ProgRAM and he does so in an explosive fashion. The Germany based producer provides a four-track EP which will align you with his sounds whilst adding a package of new music to #Ram’s sister label.

The first part of the ‘#Radius’ EP’s track list is ‘#Alarm’, with each section of its framework punctuated by shuddering bass notes. ‘#BreakDem’ follows with more hypnotising rhythms meanwhile ‘#PNGNT’ merges its melodies with scuttling beat frequencies. Closing record and title-track ‘#Radius’ then takes you down its winding, stair-like beat patterns. So once again, it’s time to get with the #ProgRAM. One which continues to bring forward new acts who are maintaining the label's fresh material.

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