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Jaskin & Uneven - Ashes / Kaleidoscope- None60 / nsy044

#Jaskin & #Uneven return to #none60 to deliver another proverbial letter bomb! When I first played these I had to don one of those suits like in The Hurt Locker.... quite flattering on my figure I have to say!

"#Ashes" sounds like it could be taken from the soundtrack of a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day that doesn't exist in our timeline ( I still haven't forgiven you "Rise of The Machines") with its bendy synths and machine-like punchy bassline! Definitely gets a thumbs up from me! 

If you need a time out from all that terminating then come with me if you want to chill - I'll stop now! "#Kaleidoscope" is one for all of us that love a bit of Acidic 170 squelchy goodness which is about 17 of us I believe? Hopefully Resident Advisor or someone can do a census so history can see that it didn't all stop in 1992!"

#none60 legal disclaimer - we would just like to make it clear that any references made to the Terminator Franchise and/or The Hurt Locker fall under the fair usage act. We also do not condone the delivery of explosives via any global postal service.

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