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Jaxx - Freelance E.P - Train Recordings / TRAIN042

Keeping the train rolling heavy we have the multi talented head honcho Jaxx with his first EP of 2022 on Train Recordings.

Jaxx - Freelance:- Starting off from the get go with stomping punchy beats and some finely recorded analog synth pads, with some rastaman words of wisdom before the drop where the gutter bassline and dub wise sound effects will have you locked in until the end, it's not all about money it's about love, wake up and live!

Jaxx - Lone Ranger:- Written in the middle of lockdown during 2021, this one goes out to all the people that spent more time alone than usual, rolling drums, a grimey intro hook, vox, and a catchy Bristol style wub bass riff seeks to release a lot of stress and make you vibe hard!

Jaxx - Rise N Shine:- Quite a dramatic style start to this track with the bassline filtering in through the build up and then a moody progressing riff throughout that will make you do what it says on the tin... rise n shine!

Jaxx - What's Done Is Done:- A seriously eerie intro soundscape, a pounding drum kit and an infectious bass lead entices you to keep engaged from start to finish, you can't change the past, only live in the present and work hard for a better future!

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for what's in store next from Jaxx.

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