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JAXX & ILLPHAZE - London To Brum E.P - Train Recordings / TRAIN043

Up next on Train Recordings we have the long and eagerly awaited 6 track collab EP from label boss Jaxx and the highly talented producer Illphaze.

Jaxx & Illphaze - London To Brum:- The title track of the EP is inspired by one of the tunes the pair made when Jaxx travelled to Illphaze's studio in Birmingham. It's a moody riffing roller and captures the cross between their sound to a T.

Jaxx & Illphaze - Kno' Dat:- This one's a proper naughty little stepper and was made at Jaxx's studio when Illphaze came to visit, it starts off with some tight snappy drums, funky guitar work and effects that take you through to the vocal fx before the drop. Followed by a deep and

catchy basshook that will keep you locked in until the end, you kno'dat!

Jaxx & Illphaze - Ghosts:- They almost gave up on this one because of not being happy with the bassline but the drums were still vibing, so with a completely fresh perspective they re-worked it over a zoom studio session and created a monster of a tune! Crunchy drums and low bass wubs is what you can expect here.

Jaxx & Illphaze - Magic Number:- Another selection that was made at Jaxx's studio, starting off with some dramatic pads and a Birmingham style pacey, skippy beat which takes you through to the finely crafted percussion work and vox before the drop. Moving forward with a tonal

glitchy style bass lick which is sure to get any dancefloor rocking. Notice that the sub bass isn't your average pattern that just follows the synth riff.What's your magic number?

Jaxx & Illphaze - Robotics:- The 2nd track that the pair made at Illphaze's studio, starts off with some stepping beats and some futuristic soundscapes which gives you a false sense of what's about to happen. Following through with a grimey and gritty sounding bass hook which is a wicked blend of both of their sounds.

Jaxx & Illphaze - Two Minds (2022 VIP):- A filthy refresh of the 2014 original that was released on Off The Rails volume 2, who knows maybe there will be some other VIPs of this track in the future!

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