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Junk Mail & A.M.C - Blocklist - RAM Records / RAMM436

30 year-strong RAM Records has ensured its longevity through the music of artists like roster members Junk Mail, as well as the frequent and highly established guests such as producer A.M.C. And that’s why the forthcoming collaboration from the pair is an eagerly anticipated record on the imprint, a dedication to the historic releases RAM has racked up throughout the years and proving Junk Mail's heavyweight status on the label, alongside one of the most prolific DJs currently on the circuit in 2022.

A cut which has been passed from sold out club to club as a certified dubplate alongside dancefloors reopening, it’s now getting a release with the RAM Records moniker. Featuring the seismic riffs which are a well-loved characteristic of Junk Mail’s production, as well as the full-frontal LFO assaults revered from A.M.C, ‘Blocklist’ from the pair is an unstoppable force. Given the stamp of approval from label head Andy C, it’s going to continue to dominate following its release and this Summer will see one of the label’s most sought after tracks hit festival season. Watch this space!

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