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Killbox - Nova - Ram Records / RAMM399

Stepping on the throttle once more, ‘#Nova’ is the third single to come from ##Killbox’s ‘#DevineProfits’ album, setting an explosive scene for the seismic LP’s eventual release. With tracks ‘#Epicentre’ and ‘#Mutiny’ standing as its first chaotic building blocks, both #EdRush and #Audio have shown their combined might is still as strong years on from the pairing's climatic showcase. They prove they're back on #Ram and they’re here to take no prisoners.

With a typically cutthroat composition, ‘#Nova’ focuses on more crashing, dancefloor twists and pulsing LFOs which bubble throughout the mix. Their aim is to take you into the depths of club land through their sounds, something they do with expert precision. #Killbox delivers a hefty blow for another round with ‘#Nova’, signalling that the coming ‘#DevineProfits’ package is set to be a fiery follow up to their 2018 offering '#PleasurePalace'. However, considering their combined histories, this was only to be expected from such a seminal pairing.

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