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Killbox - Rodan - Ram Records / RAMM410

‘Rodan’ is the final testament of Killbox’s explosive second album under the Ram Records banner, before its eventual release in late Spring. And it's another introspective look into the journeys of Ed Rush and Audio, from their beginnings as solo artists decades prior. With ‘Pleasure Palace’ sitting in the backdrop, they’ve since continued to bring forward their game changing engineering into contemporary standards and their pivotal next LP ‘Devine Profits’ is the result of this transition.

With an eerie roll out, dropping amongst bowing layers of bass and thumping drum beats, Killbox demonstrate their weight once again with ‘Rodan’. Back in the familiar, dark landscape which Killbox reigns over, ‘Rodan’ is an expansion of this sound - and 'Divine Profits' is the end destination.

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