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Kimyan Law - Kumo - + + + / PLUS004

As 2022 begins to wind down, Kimyan Law begins to wind up with ‘Kumo’… The conclusive furlong of his most recent creative quest – ‘Emblem Of Peace’.

It began in spring, it ends this winter; an elementary escapade from earth to air, via water and fire, ‘Emblem Of Peace’ has been Kimyan’s most ambitious project so far. A deep exploration of the universe he’s been mapping out with his albums ‘Yonda’, ‘Zawadi’ and ‘Coeur Calme’, ‘Emblem Of Peace’ zooms us up close to meet the tribes folk of his world.

From the woodland to the coastal desert, the grassland to the wetlands, Kimyan’s unique environment is mapped to the most minute detail; its own language, its own lore, its own food, cultures and customs. Each aspect slowly revealing through a growing amount of disciplines, ‘Emblem Of Peace’ is much more than a collection of EPs, or even an album, it’s a journey.

In the real world this journey has involved him establishing his [ + + + ] label and undertaking his directorial and acting debut in his own short film, it’s also involved him revealing his work on canvas as a painter for the first time. Each creation or message he puts out into the world provides a peak behind his enigmatic persona and iconic mask, hinting at an even bigger picture in the future.

In Kimyan’s own world the bigger picture already exists. An interconnected network and community of souls and biomes, ‘Emblem Of Peace’ is a reflection of unity and difference between each tribe and an example of progress and humanity.

‘Kumo’ represents this part of the journey both in Kimyan’s own world and in our world. ‘Lubumbashi’ is a love letter to his Congolese home city while ‘Cloud Walker’ tells a great folk tale of yore, a construct entirely comprised of his own lore. ‘Hibernal Epitone’ brings us back to planet earth and the winter that lays ahead of us while the spiritual and triumphant ‘Heaven Is Real’ brings the whole narrative together with a powerful feeling of hope.

What started in spring must end in winter. When one journey ends, another will begin. ‘Emblem Of Peace’ brings four very different conceptual EPs together into one unique space and experience that can be explored in your own time, on your own journey.

+ Bon voyage +

1) Cloudwalker

2) Heaven Is Real

3) Hibernal Epitone

4) Lubumbashi

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