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KLAY - Slowly Breaking Down - OYO / OYO007

KLAY comes to the fore of OYO’s mischievous roster for the label’s seventh release with SLOWLY BREAKING DOWN, the latest EP of the Hungarian artist’s sonic creations. Following in the tone set by his debut alongside the label with the GX ep in 2019, SLOWLY BREAKING DOWN delivers another set of five tracks from KLAY guaranteed to alter the listener’s mind.

MENTAL BEEP delivers a steady set of unsettling snares to the listener anxiously awaiting the start of the EP, opening the EP with some of the more subtle tonalities in KLAY’s arsenal. Listeners thrown off by this novel restraint need not worry however, as WE ALL GO TO HELL delivers a characteristic dose of KLAY’s unbridled sound with its infernal bassline. QUARANTINE BLUES next delivers an eerie reprieve of sonic isolation via an isolated percussive pattern interspersed with plucks of reverberant synth solitude. M.A.D then follows through on its inane promise of destruction as the EP’s penultimate track with a set of timbre’s warped beyond belief through a variety of devious synthetic processes. The EP’s final track feature’s a collaboration with NEPO entitled simply “You’re All Gonna Die”, which is filled with a variety of threatening tonalities across the sonic spectrum that close the EP with decisive finality.

With SLOWLY BREAKING DOWN, the first cycling of the OYO roster brings about another set of twisted tracks from KLAY, an artist whose maddening modus operandi is well at home amidst the deviant disposition of the label. Though the EP’s sonic sanity may be called into question, it is sure to inspire a unique fervor in all who can hear its music.

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