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KLUTE - Whatever It Takes LP - Commercial Suicide / SuicideLP020

Now shipping on Green Vinyl, CD & all Digital formats Check out the tunes over at the Commercial Suicide Bandcamp store.

"#WhateverItTakes" contains #Klute’s signature blend of Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Jungle, House, Techno, Electro & Ambient stitched together with #Klute’s typical disregard for the rules of each genre.

Split into two halves, the album begins in high gear with 8 tracks of Drum & Bass. A rich pallet of D&B styles delicately layered with hidden depths and melancholic harmony. The album then shifts into #Klute’s own brand of House Techno & Electro, fully revealing his vivid tapestry of musical influences. The end result is highly original, individual and unique.

Nobody sounds like #Klute.  

“#WhateverItTakes” is an album for the long haul, to stand the test of time. Take your time, switch off your phone and listen and keep coming back for more.

For an in depth feature on the album check out the fantastic God Is No Longer A DJ.

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