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KNARS - I’m not gonna get out (KNARS Rework) - Ohoh Records – Stroomlijn / NLN8y23-00003

KNARS Releases New Drum'n'Bass Single "I'm Not Gonna Get Out"

Deventer, Netherlands - KNARS, the Dutch drum'n'bass band formed around rapper/producer Hollie, has released their latest single "I'm Not Gonna Get Out," which combines the elements of a drum’nbass banger with liveband songwriting. The catchy hook phrases are a rarity in the niche of drum'n'bass music, mostly known for Neuro sound-designed bombastic bass sounds. The single is a little bit of silence before the storm as behind the scenes KNARS is currently sending a YouTube link with 15 hidden finished Music videos for to be released coming-up tunes.

The single finds its roots on the first KNARS album. But after leaving it to dry for a few years, Hollie and team KNARS found that it badly needed a touch-up to be the song that it could be. Hollie found the services of drum'n'bass master producer Joe Ford, on whom he collaborated on the tune "Unforgiven" on UK label Evolution Chamber, and who also did the mixage on the tune "Snacks" in collab with internationally critically acclaimed drum'n'bass MC multiplex. Tunes which hit the charts and made KNARS' Spotify listeners' growth take a percentage up to 1000% with support coming from many big artists and labels in the drum'n'bass scene.

This single is a part of KNARS' plan to keep producing music for the next few years as they work with an international team. KNARS has already gained notoriety with music placements for Netflix and HBO series, such as Ballers with Dwayne Johnson, and for The Hitman's Bodyguard with Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.

The video for the tune "I'm Not Gonna Get Out" was made with next-level technology. It contains face replacements based on the movie Twelve Monkeys, starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.

"I'm Not Gonna Get Out" is a song about feeling trapped and being stuck in a system that doesn't listen. It is about feeling tied up in a straightjacket of a capitalist society that poisons water sources, subsidizes fossil fuels and meat industry for billions more than that it could decrease the taxation on vegetables. A society that keeps the top elite fed with a housing market crisis that lets the wealthy profit from working families who can’t pay the bills. It's a song about disillusionment of even trying to escape this cycle, since it only seems possible if you have big bags of money. Untill then: Enjoy the madhouse.

KNARS has been destroying festivals and venues in their home country (NL), gaining praising reviews. They gained international traction as well, touring in Hungary, Belgium, Czech, and France and getting picked up by American, Russian, and English music blogs. In 2019 they made their single "Push it To the Limit" into the Borderlands 3 game trailer soundtrack, gaining 5 million views. Another song got released in a Netflix movie.

Producer/MC/frontman Martijn Holtslag gained some notoriety when, after being beaten up in public after a night out, he went on to shoot a video for the single "Fuckup," showing his injuries as a "middle finger to hate."

The single "I'm Not Gonna Get Out" is available 17th of march 2023, on all major streaming platforms. KNARS has ten confirmed shows next month, including Palmpop and Manana Manana, and an international tour confirmed in Denmark and Germany.

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