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Lee UHF & Rogue - The Music / Symbiote - Dirtbox Recordings / DRTBX016

After 20+ years on the DJ circuit crossing paths and spanning multiple music genres and meeting each other on event line-ups over these years, #LeeUHF & #Rogue team up for the very first time to collaborate together on an EP, with 2 tracks from opposite ends of the Drum & bass spectrum.

It seemed very fitting and long overdue for both artists considering they have shared a passion in the same music genres for so long, also, with #Rogue being welcomed in to the `#Dirtbox` label stable with his EP earlier this year along with Lee UHF who had the first release on the label with his free album `#Blurred` back in 2018, this release is the first of many promised from the duo who both seem to now be carving a niche for their own sound within Drum & Bass in 2020 despite the obvious removal of live events due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are starting to take notice of the music they are putting out with their names popping up on many top tier DJ playlists this year.

Keep an eye out for what is to come in the very near future from these guys and not just in Drum & Bass


The first collab from the pair will have a very familiar vocal in it for anyone who listened to breakbeat hardcore back in the 90’s. Using the ever noticeable “#MusicSoWonderful” vocal this dark and bassy roller is a true reflection of both sounds meeting between the 2 producers. A true raver track for the raves with a huge bassline and recognisable stab sound to go along with the main track. The track takes another twist dropping into a very melodic and eerie breakdown with the vocal before again coming back to the drop with a monster sub and bass to rattle any dancefloor. Some fantastic support in recent months on this track from some top names across the Drum & Bass circuit and will no doubt be heavily included in many sets once the clubs open back up


The second track of the EP is quite frankly a no-holds barred Neurofunk monster from start to finish. The title of the track gives a big clue as to where the vocal sample is taken from and like the first track of the EP this one stands alone in its own sound brought by the minds of both producers. The main riff of this one has had everyone in a frenzy so far and the switch up after the drop leaves you taken back and raising your fist pumping to the music.

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