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Leniz and Sili - Mizpah (SiLi Remix) - Differential Recordings / DFFRNTLLP02C

Fleeting moments spring inimitable visions.

To kick off our celebration of 5 Years Differential, we revisit Leniz’ impeccable debut album Perceptions on Reality. With remixes from both longstanding Differential members and legends in the scene, Different Perspectives on Reality is a celebration of the sounds we love and music we all groove to.

For our third and final single release ahead of the full album, we have our friend SiLi turning the beautifully atmospheric interlude Mizpah into a full-blown, lush roller. Throughout the track an unorthodox sense of being at a crossroads, while still moving forwards overcomes you, all stemming from the enticing bassline and crispy clean drums. SiLi adds several more elements to keep the track, and your mind, rolling forwards and before you know it, you’re at the end, where a familiar voice once again asks you to turn over the record and keep listening.

Turning an interlude into a full blown track is an impressive feat, but as we know SiLi never disappoints. His Mizpah remix drops February 17th and will unveil the next Perspective on Reality ahead of the full reveal on March 3rd.

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