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Lewis James - Storr's Tower / Periscope - ProgRAM / PRGRAM095

London based #LewisJames makes his #ProgRam debut and his streamlined, versatile sounds make a welcome addition to its roster. Having broken through recently, the sound designer has been making himself known on a range of platforms, such as #ExitRecords, 1985 and #Astrophonica with an amalgamation of different dance music subgenres. His production has caught the ears of mainstay names and as a result he entered the #ProgRam ranks.

‘#StorrsTower’ and ‘#Periscope’ take #LewisJames down to his drum & bass roots: ‘#StorrsTower’, features winding patches of melody and beating snares, giving the track its rhythmic direction. The reverse, ‘#Periscope’ presents rolling, minimal shockwaves which aren’t without his tell-tale slabs of sub. The type which give it a heavier mix. #LewisJames creates an encompassing sonic world with these forthcoming tracks - so once again it's time to get with the #ProgRam, introducing yet another new artist to the imprint.

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