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Liveon - Captured EP - SINFUL MAZE Recordings / SFM019

Liveon is entering the house of SINFUL MAZE Recordings with the versatile showcase of his colorful palette “Captured EP” full of deepness, innovations, and classical touch with a pinch of the future.

In this existential theater, the human mind finds itself an observer, a spectator held captive within the confines of a physical vessel. This body, a wondrous biological apparatus, serves as the conduit through which the mind perceives and interacts with its surroundings. The senses become the channels of experience, forming the basis for how the mind comprehends and interprets the external world. This embodiment grants the mind both an anchor and a window, binding it to a tangible existence while simultaneously facilitating the exploration of the universe beyond its corporeal limits.

Parallel to this corporeal entrapment is the invisible yet omnipresent orchestrator of all experiences: time. Time weaves the tapestry of existence, bestowing each moment with its own distinct significance. Just as the body grounds the mind in the here and now, time paints the canvas of reality with layers of history, present, and future. This interplay of temporal progression lends depth and meaning to the observer's experiences, as moments unfold within the ever-evolving narrative of existence. It is through this dance with time that the observer's relationship with its environment becomes a dynamic narrative of consciousness.

We live in a crazy world where a decade-old technology, still in its infancy, fundamentally affects a brain bred by billions of years of evolution. Social networks and their influence are causing problems for several current generations, the consequences of which are already being taught at the forefront of academia and beyond. The brain, along with the soul and body, is the foundation of every homo sapiens. However, never in history has it been more susceptible to manipulation, psychological discomfort, and even disease than it is today. Thus, taking care of one's overall resilience has never been more important.

Live in the moment.

Capture the life.

Live on.

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