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Madface - Claptrap - Viper Recordings / VPR214

#Viper’s newest exclusive signing, #Madface turned more than a few heads earlier this summer with his debut single on the label, “#ThinkingToMyself” feat. #IsaacEvans. A vibrant festival anthem that made a bold first impression, #Madface has already set the bar high in terms of what to expect from the Czech producer. Now, following hotly on the heels of his last single, #Madface is back with more, this time with new single “#Claptrap”.

Highlighting his diverse abilities as a producer, this sultry dancefloor number gives us a taste of #Madface’s mysterious side, drawing the listener in with visceral energy and raw emotion. While “#ThinkingToMyself” was the ultimate summertime festival anthem, “#Claptrap” represents a different kind of anthem; a sweaty, underground, end-of-night record that is set to be favourite amongst DJs and fans alike.

Sensory and carnal, #Madface gives us a taste of his darker side, creating an enigmatic number that leaves you craving more. A strong indication of the talent residing in #Madface, there is no doubt #Futurebound has once again set his eyes on the next big thing in drum & bass; #Madface is surely another legend in the making, destined to become a household name alongside the rest of the #Viper family. Keep an eye out for more from #Madface soon...

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