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Madface ft Voicians - Personal Jesus - Viper Recordings / VPR302

Madface has become a staple of the Viper family with releases like “Escape”, “Paralyzed”, and “Claptrap” all making the rounds amongst punters and peers alike. Now, teaming up with Voicians, who is also no stranger to the label, the two deliver one of the most highly sought after takes on the iconic “Personal Jesus”.

Ominous and broody, Madface takes us deep into the darkest of dancefloors while the iconic vocals of “Personal Jesus” are added to the mix. The ultimate DJ weapon, Madface kicks up the heat with the build-up, drawing from the rapidfire sounds of European techno that will have crowds everywhere going wild.

Full of equal parts adrenaline and nostalgia, “Personal Jesus” is the ultimate party anthem that is sure to be a favourite on the festival circuit this summer. With sing-a-long vocals and the perfect tempo switch-up, rest assured this single will put Madface on the map for those yet to discover the talented producer, only on Viper.

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