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Malux - Turbine VIP - Bad Taste Recordings / BT128

Hitting 2020 in severe style with this VIP of #TURBINE by the man himself - #MALUX. Causing a riot when originally released in 2016 and having been followed up by a monumental #TeddyKillerz remix in 2018, it has now taken on a new form as a VIP for 2020 with this updated version that has been creating a storm in the underbelly of the night.

The agenda is clear – energetic, funk-fuelled D&B driven by detailed low-frequency design and a boisterous rave vibe, carrying with it a stripped aesthetic, with a percussive pattern driven by the snare and wonky plucked synth work.

This is heads-down, bassface material for ravers to get into step to. Now having support from scene titans such as #AndyC, #BadCompany, #TheUpbeats and radio play from #Friction and #ReneLaVice on #BBCR1 and #CrissyCriss on #KissFM, #Malux has caught your attention… and now has a whole lot more to let you know.

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