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Manga - Salvation RMX | Maniac - Neutronic Beats / NTB053B

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The Neutronic odyssey continues for 2021 as Manga fires up a strong one with these dramatic stormers. Never far from his mixing desk, the label boss is always creating an innovative twist on his manga brand which keeps him one step ahead of the competition. Often imitated but never bettered, this is Manga at his trusted best; cyber sci-fi to send chills down your spine and get the massives rising.

1/ Salvation Remix: Melancholy piano, desolate strings and distorted FX build to the nastiest drop in jump-up history. Slamming breaks and detuned chip bass pound to oblivion as the ‘a vampire haven’ vocal transports us to another dimension. This manga landscape is escapism at its finest, “enough already!”

2/ Maniac: Arpeggiated sequence sounds, sweet synth stabs and stepper’s break set the scene before the vox light the fire. “C’mon, let him go! He won’t get away this time because I’ll make sure I kill that sick maniac!” Pitch FX, reverb and exhilarating break switches gel perfectly with the harmonic b-line to get you bang in The Zone and shocking out nicely. Essential weaponry for your summer!

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