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Maniatics - Break Your Bones & (S9 Remix) - Dem Recordings / DEM008

The foundations of #DemRecordings were set by #DubElements, a pair of Spaniard producers who grew to become some of the most influential promoters in Europe. However, it wasn’t just their large-scale events which caught the attention of trend setting figures across the globe, but also their music. As well as their explosive club nights and festivals they’ve engineered a host of records which explain why they’re able to create such dancefloor devastation, both through their bookings and through their own meticulous DJ sets. The music which has lined these sets has included both the sounds they’ve produced, as well as those which have now found a home of #DemRecordings, an imprint which was born out of #DubElement’s notorious reputation. Holding the same standards they do for their own music, the duo have also invited a host of names to join their ranks, with #Maniatics now taking centre stage for the next part of #DemRecordings growing catalogue. Just over a year in the making, #DemRecordings’ arsenal of releases has been added to with an intimidating frequency and the next single from Maniatics demonstrates how they’ve become such a buy on sight platform.

‘#BreakYourBones’, alongside its cutthroat rework from relative newcomer #S9, explains why #Maniatics are such a go-to artist for many drum & bass fans. With a tell-tale intro, a slamming drop peppered with weighty kick drums and growling subs, ‘#BreakYourBones’ has definitely been given an apt title. The record is likely to crash through any club setting like a freight train, taking the attention of rave-goers with it. And after a host of releases on imprints such as #BassrushRecords and #Titan, #S9 have garnered widespread attention throughout the drum & bass circuit. When listening to the hooks created throughout their remix of ‘#BreakYourBones’ its clear to see why, as well as how they translate this within places such as London’s seminal nightclub #Fabric. #DemRecordings have ensured that they inject the energy presented throughout #DubElements’ reaches and put this straight into the heart of all the music they release. #Maniatics forthcoming single is the perfect example of that.

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