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Matrix & Futurebound - Mystery Machine (Remixes Part 1) - Metro-Viper Recordings / MTRVPR032

Individually and as part of a duo, #Matrix & #Futurebound have decades worth of experience in shaping the drum & bass landscape. #BrendanCollins and #JamieQuinn possess one of the most impressive track records in the genre’s history, boasting one hundred million combined streams, multiple consecutive Top 40 UK singles, and two critically acclaimed artist albums (#UniversalTruth & #MysteryMachine). Their sophomore album ‘#MysteryMachine’ released earlier this year, is testament to the legacy they’ve built throughout their careers; packed full of drum & bass anthems and underground tributes alike, encompassing the duos versatility, and has already received huge global support since its April release.

Now, furthering the celebrations in what has already been a massive year for both #Viper and #MetroRecordings, #Matrix & #Futurebound, are proud to release a carefully selected ‘#Mystery #MachineRemixEP’ with some of the album’s most iconic tracks. With the remixers handpicked by #FutureboundandMatrix, the selection shows their eye for spotting exciting talent and bring the ‘#MysteryMachine’ album to new audiences with this special remix EP released in two parts on their own imprints #MetroViper.

The '#MysteryMachineRemixEP' will be split in to 2 parts with the first including remixes of '#Hindsight' & '#FollowMe' dropping on the 27th September

‘#Hindsight’ is taken on by one of Viper’s newest and most formidable signings, #Millbrook. After his massively successful singles ‘#Rituals’, ‘#TheRise’, ‘#Beyond’, and ‘#Refractions’ earlier this year, #Millbrook once more moves from strength to strength with his remix capturing the elegance of the original with an enchanting new twist, that creates an alluring ambiance right from the start. #Milbrook’s signature sound shines through with the drop which is simultaneously cinematic and funky while still incorporating the original vocal for the perfect remix.

‘#FollowMe’, the latest single from the album comes from the Remix Competition #Viper hosted together with American bass music giants #Bassrush, won by Dutch duo #Polygon. #Ayak’s warm and luxurious vocals flood the speakers amidst #Polygon’s poignant rendition of the original melody, slowly building in energy before erupting into a vibrant dancefloor drop that won’t soon be forgotten. Another flawless rendition of the classic #Matrix & #Futurebound sound, #Polygon have successfully managed to pay homage to the original while still putting their own spin on it.

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