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Mean Teeth: Bring Back The Funk LP - Part 3 -

Split between #Estonia and #Lithuania, production outfit #MeanTeeth have become an identifiable part of the darker pits of drum & bass. Their aggressive, undiluted strain of the genre has captivated crowds across the globe and as a result they’ve become a defining part of many sets, especially those taking audiences into the murkier sounds. However, for all their commitment to these sounds, they’ve always ensured the funk within their music shines through each one of their compositions. This is why they’ve named their LP on #Cause4Concern ‘#BringBacktheFunk’, an ode to the element of dance music which has sometimes been missing across the contemporary market. The funk featured throughout their output can be heard across their releases on #BadTasteRecordings, #Plasma, #RenegadeHardware and #Neurofunkgrid, something which has become a staple of their production.

The third part of their LP is set to be unleashed on the pivotal #C4C imprint; a place stood as the perfect home for #MeanTeeth’s seismic body of work. With four brand new selections to be added to ‘#BringBacktheFunk’, it’s working its way to becoming one of the most notable LPs to be released in 2019. Tracks like ‘#3Minutes’ with its hard-driven drum sequences set a standard which is demonstrated with every track offered by the duo. ‘#Erosion’ is second on the track listing, twisting you through its water-tight mix and its gyrating hooks, the type which drag you in with every cascading beat pattern. ‘#ShutThemDown’ follows a rolling dancefloor vibe, the type of which wouldn’t find itself out of place amongst any late-night club setting. Then finally you’re delivered ‘#DiscoAction’, with instrumentals cutting their way through slamming drums and distorted vocals. #MeanTeeth nod to their vast capabilities through each switch which grapples with the record’s grinding bassline. It’s an apt way to close the next instalment from #MeanTeeth in their usual style.

#Cause4Concern lend their vast experience to #MeanTeeth and help them platform an intimidating collection. Alongside labels like #C4C #MeanTeeth have been building an army and it’s easy to see how when exploring their ‘#BringBacktheFunk’ series.

Beatport Exc: 12th Aug

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