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MidKnight Moon - Burn The Stars - Kos.Mos.Music / KOSMOS122DGTL

#KOSMOSMUSIC presents the second single from the forthcoming album by New Zealand musician #MidKnightMoon. The original track is a powerful groovy techstep, uniting industrial sounds, neuro sound and vocal samples. The remix by #ElectrosoulSystem is a bit more punchy, compared to the original version, being a techstep as well, however, having more of the 00s atmosphere on the one hand and Andy’s present sound on the other. #Dissident presented a jungly rolling with low bass and twisted rhythmical melody in the second part of the track. #HybertPhillips showed a powerful sounding of the new drum’n’bass school at it’s best - unusual changes in the groove and constant dynamics during the whole track, containing halfstep elements and scattered trible echoes.

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