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Moekel - Ensemble / Panopticon - ProgRAM / PRGRAM143

Bringing the sounds of Graz, Austria to the Program directory, Moekel follows his career affirming Teddy Killerz remix with a debut on the label. Falling in the footsteps of many drum & bass greats, his burgeoning journey as an artist is unfolding, with his forthcoming single on Program providing the next rung in his climb to success, although providing a slightly different flavour from his predecessors.

‘Ensemble / Panopticon’ introduces you to the Moekel soundscape, with ‘Ensemble’ rolling out amongst emotive strings and distorted, human elements. Meanwhile on the reverse, ‘Panopticon’ moves you across vocal-led crescendos, padded out with the track's melodic bass notes. So once again, it’s time to get with the Program. Following the course of another producer’s meteoric rise.

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