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Molecular - Space Journey - Delta9 Recordings / D9REC083

Fresh off the back of Sili’s "#Tsundoku EP", #Delta9Recordings present the powerful Portuguese producer, Molecular, with his debut EP on the label!

The "#SpaceJourney EP" shows that even though he takes his sweet time to get something finished, his production has come a long way and this one’s ready to turn some heads. From start to finish of "#SpaceJourney" there is no lack of energy. Opening up the EP nicely with drums and percussive elements that keep a relentless pace while raspy mids chime in as the tireless bass stabs drive on.

"#ComeAgain" brings this abrasive bass to further heights as it warps it into warbling tonalities atop a drumbeat packed with explosive grooves. "#YouKnow" then rises to the call of an ominous vocal command, the full utterance of which summons the monstrous rage of the track’s true identity as its distorted fat bass rings out above driving drumbeats and raw breakbeats.

With the "#SpaceJourney EP", Molecular combines with fellow Italian label #Delta9Recordings for a powerful EP, presenting an audio assault which displays the full brunt of his sonic capabilities across three powerful tracks.

Make sure to grab this one, play it loud and follow this amazing producer!

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