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Mugshot – Stoopid Filth EP - Holographic Audio / HOLOAUDIO052

Holographic Audio warmly welcomes the return of Mugshot with another 4 track EP.

Mugshot has been djing since 1991, playing initially Hip Hop before attending the legendary Eclipse in his home city of Coventry. This is where he switched styles and embraced the 1991 Midlands hardcore/breakbeat scene.

Throughout the 1990’s, Mugshot performed at various events across the Midlands and the wider UK including Random Concept, Helter Skelter (Sanctuary) and Q Club to name a few. He also ran a weekly show on radio stations MIX FM Birmingham and later on REAL FM Leicester.

Mugshot began his producing career in 1998 and released his first vinyl single called ‘Combat/Some Juice’ on Trust Recordings. In recent years Rob has had digital and physical releases with Formation, Sikka Brain, Inna Rhythm Recordings and Twisted Individual’s Zombie Recordings.

Rob continues to progress his production sound of heavy sub rollers and breakbeat action in the Midlands.

  • Stoopid Filth

  • Darkside

  • Winter Of Diss

  • Over Turn

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