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Murdock ft FLX - Dollars Aren't Cheap / Can't Keep Me Down (VovKING Remix) - Viper Recordings

2019 saw the release of the legendary #Murdock’s debut album on #Viper, #Stronger, packed full of upbeat, feel-good anthems, some of which have already amassed millions of streams – tracks like ‘#HoldingOn’ feat. #JamesMarvel and ‘#CantKeepMeDown’ feat. #Sena & #Shystie. Not only has #Murdock been smashing the streams; his album earned consistent support from major tastemakers like #BBCRadio’s #MistaJam and #AnnieMac, not to mention huge support form the DJ circuit and beyond.

Now, #Murdock smashes through a new decade with the first of several singles on #Viper to continue the Stronger story. First up is a brand new original, ‘#DollarsArentCheap’, featuring the country-esque vocals of #FLX. Another genre-bending, enticing single, #FLX draws the listener in with his earnest, heartstring-tugging-vocals before the track explodes gently into shimmering, vibrant drum & bass. Hints of horns add to the fun, as do elegant string and piano sections for an overall warm, comforting, organic track that highlights #Murdock’s varied and impressive abilities as a producer.

The flipside is a remix of one of the album’s most well-loved tracks, ‘#CantKeepMeDown’, taken on by Ukrainian producer #VovKING. Opening on a much more ominous note, the track’s iconic vocals take the spotlight as the track slowly builds, evidently a much darker take on the original with shadowy drums and pounding basslines. The drop offers an alternative groove whilst the vocals maintain a powerful weight, transforming the track into something completely new while still paying homage to the original message.

As one of the most celebrated and positive influences in the drum & bass world, it’s no surprise the mighty #Murdock found a home with the Viper family, and these latest two tracks are yet another of a series of highlights 2020 has seen so far.

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