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Myselor - Rave Magic EP - C4C Limited / LTDC4C020

#C4CLimited is the offshoot of the ground-breaking label created by #Cause4Concern, the production outfit comprised of the late #Optiv and Mark #CZA. Since the passing of #Optiv, Mark #CZA has committed himself to continuing the success of the imprint, something which has been proven through the releases dropped throughout 2020. Both #C4C and its sister-label have established themselves as still a strong contender in the charts, decades on from its launch and without ever bowing down to commercialism. Their music has remained effortlessly slick, underground and cut-throat, whether that’s through the more subdued mechanics of cuts on #C4CLimited, or through the more club orientated tracks of its counterparts. Either way, they’ve maintained their position and will do so through the dedication of Mark #CZA, as well as through the memory of well-loved figure #Optiv.

Myselor is the next artist to add to the catalogue of #C4CLimited. His production techniques are impeccable throughout his forthcoming ‘#RaveMagic’ EP. The twists and turns of #Myselor’s opening track ‘#Thriller’ deliver a seismic impact, showing you the honed grooves, which makes the producer’s tracks ooze with so much danceability. Then comes ‘#RaveMagic’, ducking and diving between a frenzy of beat patches alongside its quick flitting drum sequences, pulling you into the chaos as the track begins to break down. ‘#FunkyShit’ follows suit, bringing flavours to the backdrop of hard-hitting drum & bass. It underscores #Myselor’s keenness to exude fun from his music, not just the darker undercurrent which can sometimes lose its zest. Then lastly, ‘#Stubborn’ is more mechanical in its fashioning, taking you step by step through its motions before leaving you before an onslaught of driving kick drums.

#Myselor makes his presence felt on #C4CLimited; on doing so, he adds another chapter to the new era of #C4C. All while respecting its history and its original message – to deliver only the most cutting-edge music.

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