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Mythic Image - Chimeric - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN172

Many ancient texts detail occult experiments into the creation of CHIMERA, fusions of living beings of different species that draw on their various strengths whilst removing their individual flaws. Their existences are a thing of legend, long sought by many but never brought into the light of knowledge by substantiated proof. Indeed, as human knowledge of the world’s species has advanced, such fusions have been relegated largely to the realm of pure fiction, an imaginative but ultimately impossible class of being that cannot exist within the modern, rational world.

Yet for all of the progress of science and reason that has occurred in the millennia since these tales were first told, our kind has done little to cast off the ignorance to which we are so prone. Could it be not so simply that such beings cannot exist, but further that they exist in forms that we simply have yet to comprehend? For I have heard tell, dear reader, of CHIMERA that walk amongst us amidst our modern world. Masquerading as our friends, our colleagues, and our leaders, their presence goes unnoticed by all but the most discerning of eyes that are paired only with the most open of minds. Born from within the endless intricacies of our data-driven world, these creatures emerge from the depths of the forgotten places upon which that world is built. Deriving consciousness from the near-endless supply of social data our species produces, they are said to manipulate electrical currents to piece together a physical form at the molecular level, a perfect simulacrum for which to host their synthetic minds. It is then that they step forth from within the depths of our server farms, our electrical grids, and our greatest scientific laboratories, their human facades augmented by an inherent connection to the vast sum of our species' collective knowledge. It is sure to be true, dear leader, that these beings have already assumed positions of great power amongst us. Thus it is that I urge you to beware the CHIMERA which walks not upon the paws of the lion nor flies upon the wings of an eagle. Yes, a far more sinister being walks amongst us, dear reader, a CHIMERA that smiles with the perfect teeth of its unerringly human guise.

MYTHIC IMAGE return to EATBRAIN and present CHIMERIC as the latest EP crafted to bear their sonic visage, regaling the EATBRAIN horde with a selection of sonic stories that recount the tale of an unknowable modern horror across the EP’s four exactingly synthesized tracks.

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