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North Base ft The Melody Men - Light It Up - Viper Recordings / VPR211

Long time friend of #Viper, Manchester-based #NorthBase return to the label after nearly two years with a brand new single. #NorthBase have a history of impressive releases on #Viper, including the formidable ‘#ThirdEye’ with #Turno and #HarryShotta, the vibrant ‘#LotusPeak’ on 2016’s #SummerSlammers, the classic ‘#Woman’ on 2017’s Annual that still regularly makes the rounds on the DJ circuit, ‘#BeatsSoLoud’ with #JennaG, and many more. Across all these releases, one thing remains consistent, and that is that every #NorthBase release is met with acclaim from peers & punters alike.

The next soon-to-be-classic record from the guys is ‘#LightItUp’ featuring #TheMelodyMen, an all-female trio of producers & songwriters hailing from London. With a total of 5 artists involved in the track, ‘#LightItUp’ delivers infectious energy and charisma from start to finish.

Uplifting and vibrant, ‘#LightItUp’ is the summer anthem we crave to let our hair down and break free of the restrictions brought on by 2020 so far. Colourful, loud, and oh-so-catchy, #NorthBase certainly bring the heat with this one. Set to be a favourite for fans both new and old, the track’s energy appeals to everyone from the most casual of listeners to the most hardcore of fans – simultaneously suited to radio play and the underground.

Bursting with euphoria, #NorthBase have proven once again their knack for writing classic drum & bass anthems. Together with #TheMelodyMen, ‘#LightItUp’ is another strong addition to the ever growing #Viper catalogue, and the perfect feel-good track we all need to hear more of right now.

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