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Nuaura - One More Time / Wherever You Go - Viper Recordings / VPR230

A “nu” name to the Viper roster, Nuaura first made waves with his debut single on the prestigious Follow The Sun Compilation with smooth and dynamic “Beautiful Dreamer”, hotly followed by the rave-ready jungle record “Ring The Alarm” on this year’s Annual 2021. The Manchurian producer has proven he’s one to watch, and is now gearing up for his single debut on the mighty Viper with “One More Time” and “Wherever You Go”.

First to bat is “One More Time”, an illustrious, elegant number with deep, enthralling vocals and soothing piano melodies that lure you in right from the start. While Nuarua masterfully crafts such a serene and welcoming intro, he slowly introduces much darker sounds, transforming the graceful opening into something much more sinister without ever losing the track’s distinctive and charming appeal. The juxtaposition of such airy melodies against the much more menacing basslines gives birth to a track you’ll want to listen to over and over again, a strong indicator of Nuaura’s talents.

The flipside of the single, “Wherever You Go”, is a much more energetic number, showcasing Nuaura’s take on dancefloor DnB, but still with a dark edge. Masterfully layering each element as the track progresses, Nuaura’s productions take you on a sonic journey, building anticipation in peaks and troughs and commanding your full attention from start to finish.

Thoughtful and provocative, both tracks demonstrate Nuaura’s innate songwriting ability, proving this rookie is more than just a force to be reckoned with. Catching Futurebound’s keen ears from day one, there is no doubt that big things are in store for Nuaura, as made evident with his debut single on the label.

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