Ornette Hawkins - Fantom EP - Beat Machine Records / BMR027

The DC based duo Ornette Hawkins makes a step further into the field of Ardkore dnb with their latest EP, Fantom. This work revolves around reverent but imaginative jungle hinting to the early 90’s UK scene and simultaneouslymoving forward. Rhythms quaver, overlap and take new harmonious forms creating textual atmospheres and unveiling unexpected sounds with every listen; finding the “missing frequencies” becomes like an addictive game.

The EP kicks off with the dystopian scenario depicted in Fantom; a rich track that moves like a stealth creature on an alien territory; sub-zero pads, clinical Photek inspired drum patterns and an eerie sax give way to an incessant building up that feels smooth and rough around the edges all at once. A floaty atmosphere returns with the shimmering waves of the Rhodes keyboards layered on warm synths and dry snares in Fade Away. To sum up the mood is the languid Bitch Is Blue, which is not only for its title, an explicit reference to Miles Davis’ avant jazz masterpiece; firstly the original version, placed somewhere between J Majik’s dextrous breakbeats and thecrystalline melodies of LTJ Bukem. To close the EP is the startling remix by the intrepid talent of Tim Reaper, who stretches the track to futuristic rhythms, where our ears play along looking for new sounds.

BMR027 will be officially out in digital format on May 13, 2021. Preorder available on April 15, 2021 via Beat Machine Records’ Official Bandcamp Page - available in all the digital stores & streaming on June 11, 2021 .

- Artist Bio -

Ornette Hawkins

Real Name: Maxwell Houston and Marc Blackwood Country: Washington DC, USA Labels: Subtle Audio, 31 Recording, AGN7

Music Ref: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Jazz Artists Ref: Photek, Alex Reece, Omni Trio, LTJ Bukem, Phuture T, Alpha Omega

Ornette Hawkins, DC based duo founded by Maxwell Houston and Marc Blackwood, find their cue at the intersection between jazz and jungle. Their approach brings together the raw improvisation of live acoustic sessions accompanied by upright bass, horns and guitar, with the modal soundscapes of analogue synths and detailed drum programming. The result is a three- dimensional sound that explores complex permutations of patterns, which allude both to old school jazz influences and the most forward-thinking breakbeat structures.

Take the fast paced and smooth beats of LTJ Bukem, the sophisticated and experimental texture of Photek, finally assembled into a dense work of harrowing basslines reminisce of the early 90’s UK jungle scene. In the words of the artists :” Both Jazz and Dnb retain such a gritty, underground status, that survives over generations. They both have an intensity that can be soulful and nasty at the same time; our music is a reflection that these dimensions can find a durable fit”.


Swinging Flavors #9 [ Beat Machine Records, 2020 ] LISTEN Mind As Mirror Ft. Orentte Hawkins [ Omni Music, 2020 ] LISTEN The Other Side of What [ AGN7, 2018 ] LISTEN Witchdoctor EP [ 31 Recording , 2017 ] LISTEN A Decade in Breakbeat [ Subtle Audio , 2016 ] LISTEN

- Artist Bio -

Tim Reaper

Real Name: Ed Alloh Country: London, UK

Labels: Future Retro, Globex Corp, Green Bay Wax, Lobster Theremin, Mediator Music Music Ref: Drum n Bass, Jungle Artists Ref: Coco Bryce, Double 0, Dwarde, J Majik, Sully

Tim Reaper has created a flourishing career for himself working with established labels such as 7th Storey, Green Bay Wax, Foxy Jangle, Parallax Recordings, and outscoring the likes of scene legends Fabio, Klute, and Djinn on Electronic Beats’ 90S Jungle/Drum and Bass Blind Test edition.

The young producer is one of the most honest generational talents when it comes to the genre. From jungle to hardcore, to darkside and 4×4 jungle- techno, he shows an appreciation to its long history and offshoots like none other, exploring and taking inspiration from a number of tastes with the utmost respect and with outstanding technical ability. Since breaking onto the scene in 2010 as a producer, years of immersion and learning as much as possible through forums, drum and bass chatrooms, have led to a huge catalog of music the last 10 years.

Recently he’s started Future Retro, a project in which he aims to collaborate with every producer he’s into in the modern-day jungle scene, among which Dwarde, FFF and Phineus II.

DISCOGRAPHY Special Request & Tim Reaper [ Hooversound, 2021] LISTEN Teletext EP [ Lobster Theremin, 2021] LISTEN Run Tings / Feel The Magic [ The Magic 3, 2020] LISTEN Cityscapes EP [ Lobster Theremin, 2020] LISTEN Globex Corp Vol 8 [ 7th Storey Project, 2019] LISTEN Dead and Buried [Parallax, 2019] LISTEN

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