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P.B.K. & Electrosoul System- Dark Ages EP - Kos.Mos.Music / KOSMOS103DGTL

We guess, there’s quite a number of fans of German labels #CaminoBlue / #DroneAudio as well as their owners #PBK. represented by Patrick Vollmari and Niko Brenscheid. It is also no secret that we’ve been in a firm friendship with the guys, organized their gigs in Russia, as well as performed in their parties. Andrey #ElectrosoulSystem has a number of releases on their labels and their tracks can be noticed in our catalogue. During the last decade their activity has almost fallen and they nearly disappeared from the scene. The exception was an early 2019 release by #PBK. "#20YearsLater/#OrbitalMotion" (#CaminoBlue) and several collaborations on other labels. So we do hope that the news about a new release, especially taking into account that it;s coming in co-authorship with Electrosoul System, will make many listeners happy

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