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PHAGE - Black Magic EP - Cause4Concern Recordings / C4CDIGUK071

Esteemed Drum & Bass imprint Cause4Concern presents Black Magic, the latest EP from producer PHAGE. A striking record from start to finish, Black Magic shows a producer comfortable with bending genres and approaching their music in a forward-thinking way.

‘Ancient Law’ opens Black Magic. Gritty synths and metronomic percussion lines give the track its base, and the tumbling bass line laid down by PHAGE and fellow producer Drob gives ‘Ancient Law’ a consistent groove from start to finish. The title track ‘Black Magic’ takes influence from experimental music. Chugging low-end riffs and powerhouse drums are on show throughout, showing PHAGE’s ability to blend the noisier aspects of electronic music with the rhythmic framework of drum & bass.

‘Fall From Grace’ kicks off with jet-propellor synths and driving drum lines. When the drop hits, a contorting bass line takes centre stage, bending and twisting into mutated shapes all over the razor-sharp percussion. It’s a spellbinding listening experience. ‘Grinder’ opens with rising sonics before launching into a masterclass of rhythm. Here, the drums are rushing, the bass lines are pulsating, and the track elicits an instant screwface when it hits the speakers. ‘Submarine’ is a sprawl of cybernetic synths masterfully layered to create maximum dancefloor carnage.

'Its About To Get' closes out Black Magic. PHAGE shows their ability to mix genres, blending the noisy aspects of the EP's previous tracks with a techno flavour. Grinding percussion and dissonant sounds define 'Its About To Get', and the intensity is ramped up later on when a signal-jammed vocal sample enters the fray.

Black Magic will land on Beatport and Spotify on 28th February, releasing on all digital platforms two weeks later on 14th March.

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