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Profane / Esym / ChaseR - Retribution EP - Protocode - PRTCD008

#Protocode began their journey as a small imprint born out of Western Australia, Perth. However more recently, they’ve carved a definitive route within the drum & bass genre and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by many global tastemakers. With a wide variety of support, #Protocode have risen among the ranks and become a noticeable force within the underground - an example of how this has been achieved is their forthcoming EP from Profrane.

#Profane is the artist who has helped construct #Protocode as a brand; the label manager of #Protocode, his blending of the rough and smooth drum & bass elements perfectly platforms what the label is about. And the ‘#Retribution’ EP from #Profane is no different, featuring three brand new tracks from the producer and one remix from #ChaseR, an artist renowned for his artistic capabilities. The central theme which runs throughout the EP is clear, too, from its track titles as well as the vast soundscapes which #Profane explores. The beginning record ‘#DystopianDream’ perfectly encapsulates this, with its vast, sweeping stabs of bass and punchy drum sequences.

The next cut featured, ‘#Prophecy’, brings #Esym into the mix and the two producers combine their masterclass engineering for an explosive collaboration, with static layers of synthesis. For his final offering, #Profane delivers ‘#Retribution’, a track which once again proves how much time the producer has spent on his craft. The sci-fi inspired world of #Profane is clear to hear throughout ‘#Retribution’ and you’re pulled in straight by the synapses as every carefully constructed segment washes over you.

For the final part, #ChaseR is brought into the fray for him to have his take on #Profane’s ‘#CosmicDub’. He does justice to the original whilst bringing it into his own dimension, with its predecessor still having identifiable elements underneath, despite the clear-cut signature of #ChaseR becoming apparent throughout its composition. As a package, the EP embodies what Protocode have aimed for from the beginning. And with #Profane at the helm, they’re not looking to slow down anytime soon.

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