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ProgRAM Pieces LP - Part I - ProgRAM / PRGRAMLP4a

ProgRAM are about to detonate a new various artists album and when considering the success of their previous sequences, it’s an exciting time for the latter half of 2021. Laying in the wake of albums such as their prolific ProgRAM 100 package and the Programmed EP selections, ‘Pieces’ pinpoints another part in the imprint’s expansion. Sister-label to the nearly 30 years old RAM Records, ‘Pieces’ is a continuation of their legacy as an underground tastemaker, a new LP of three parts to add to their collection.

Featuring key drum & bass names and newcomers, including Trex, NC-17, Melysma, Furniss, Solsan, Seereal, Conrad Subs, Aperio, Bugwell and Genetics, it’s a delivery which proves the eclectic reach which the label has. So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM – providing another imperative release to explore your music tastes.

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