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PRUF - Heavy Sound EP - Twist Recordings / TWIST007

As we almost approach double digits release wise, Twist Records is proud to present the next instalment of upfront drum & bass in the form of the ‘Heavy Sound’ EP by none other than Pruf.

Speaker stack shaker ‘Heavy Sound’ is nothing short of audio destruction, guaranteed to provide an instant set opener and perfect for double dropping for a real slap in the face. ‘Liquidizer’ certainly isn’t aiming for those on another heath kick of blending carrots for breakfast, dinner and tea in the slightest. Instead, the mixture of beats comes from the ear bending bassline that’s guaranteed to spin your head top off quick sharp.

‘Pnevmatic Wobbler’ follows the trend of the EP with another hard as nails lick containing a strong element of Twisted Individual vibes and early 2000’s jump up feels. Wrapping up with ‘Watch Your Back’, aimed directly at anyone trying to take the crown from Pruf as one of the finest up and coming drum & bass producers of the year... A fine closing track with a mixture of scatty low and mid end riffs that pulsate across the dance floor like blood through your veins.

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