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Ray Keith - Amnesia - Dread Recordings / DREADUK55

Dread Recordings have returned another release from label regular Ray Keith, dubbed ‘Amnesia’.

The release makes up the fourth and final sample to come before the pending release of Ray Keiths album which is set to be release this May!

‘Amnesia’ boasts an atmospheric soundscape paired seamlessly with a charming vocal sample. Laced over a dynamic backbeat, the scenic vocals carry through the production with ease. From a melodic build up, the production fades into a deep drop, littering the track with a series of Ray Keith’s trademark production elements.

Since the first sampler of the Producers forthcoming album, listeners have been teased with a series of singles showcasing the various polarities of Ray Keith’s production talent. From a heavy-hitting, nostalgic jungle-esque joint, to a full-bodied DnB hit, the body of work promises a refined celebration of Ray Keith and his outstanding musical offerings.

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