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Receptor & ChaseR feat. Avenax - Auroral - Ignescent / IGNI002

From the very beginning #IgnescentRecordings have provided a place for artists who have been slowly building their arsenal of music across Russia and in doing so have shined a light on some of the most exceptional talent to come through in recent years. Whilst not delivering tracks with mainstream appeal they’ve still managed to grow a formidable reputation and part of this is due to the high levels of production which their roster boasts. The other reason is because of the wealth of talent that’s available across their home country Russia, a microcosm of the drum & bass genre and a place that only delivers the most upfront, immersive sounds which the genre has at its disposal.

For their forthcoming EP, they’ve brought on board #Receptor, #ChaseR and #Avenax, artists who are individually setting standards across the globe and when listening to their forthcoming collaborations on Ignescent it’s easy to see why. Beginning the ‘#Auroral’ EP, all three figures bring together their formidable repertoires to deliver the EP’s title-track. There’s a musicality which sits underneath the mix whilst the track’s percussive minimalism is pervasive. The technicality presented through ‘#Auroral’ is indisputable and this can be heard from beginning to end. The EP’s next track ‘#Camorra’ is no different, although this time it’s offered by #Receptor and #ChaseR. With #ChaseR being a long-term resident of #Ignescent, it’s an interesting merging of styles and ‘#Camorra’ continues the fight, with metallic, chiming snares and grinding bass which gives the track a driving undertow. Finally, you’re brought into the world of ‘#IDontMind’ from #Receptor and #Avenax. Avenax lends her sing-song vocals whilst #Receptor’s bouncing production creates hooks throughout the record. It’s easy to become enveloped in the world of #Receptor, alongside the ghost-like distortion overlay on #Avenax’s voice.

Together all three tracks epitomise what Ignescent stands for as a label. That’s an enviable standard, but one which always nods its head to the underground. And it’s ensured they’ve stayed strong years from the label's inception.

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