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Ripple - Bassline Resurrect EP - Ripple Music

#RIPPLE present their latest self released EP #BASSLINERESURRECT as a followup to their #FALLINGSKYEP released earlier in the summer. Quickly making a name for themselves on the basis of their fast paced output, #BASSLINERESURRECT continues in this trend with a pair of solo tracks and a pair of collaborative works between #RIPPLE and fellow Czech drum & bass act #FURIOUSFREAKS.

#RIPPLE open the EP with the titular #BASSLINERESURRECT, which features the sharp vocals of #MCKENNA in pairing with a rapid percussive rhythm that surges forth at a breakneck pace. #SPIRIT’s chanting call comes as the first of the EP’s two collaborative tracks between #RIPPLE & #FURIOUSFREAKS as it merges a set of expansive atmospheres with the sharp edged flurry of its percussion. HI then follows as the second solo track from #RIPPLE, and is marked by a warped vocal topline that jumps between the track’s percussive impacts with hyperactive agility. Closing the EP is the second collaborative track between #RIPPLE & #FURIOUSFREAKS, #TIME, which brings a boisterous bassline to bear in place of it's partner #SPIRIT’s subtlety.

With #BASSLINERESURRECT, #RIPPLE display their homegrown sonic character alongside #FURIOUSFREAKS across four tracks that draw on their wide ranging influences, resulting in an EP that presents the full scope of both project’s sounds in a concise and unified work.

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