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Robtopus - Deep In The Woods EP - Ambra Recordings / AMBRA026

Point Of View

‘#PointOfView’ is the first track of the EP. This track offers a combination between the soft and harder elements. The reason this is done, is because #Robtopus made this tune in a time where he saw people surrounding him fell apart because of the opinion differences. Now #Robtopus wants to show his #PointO View through this hard hitting tune.

Deep In The Woods

‘#DeepInTheWoods’ is a track with loads of natural elements and a deep full bass. #Robtopus started this tune in the cold winter days of 2019. Everything in this tune just blended nice together and the tune received some nice catchy vocal cuts. #Robtopus immediately knew that this track should have been called ‘#DeepInTheWoods’. So sit back and enjoy your trip through the woods.

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