Review Rowpieces - Give Thanks LP

Updated: Feb 14

After two captivatingly chilled intro parts which board you on a journey of serenity and wonder, this album, the Give Thanks LP, kicks you into a melodic fast paced track called Sugar Daddy, with its sweet baselines and driven beats, you could listen to this in a coffee shop in Amsterdam or in a dark club in London and be satisfied in different ways.

This is followed up by a soulful piece of funk called Dream Girl which reminds you of your first perfect crush on a person who gets you riding on a cloud of emotion. A serene piece of music with gritty riffs every now and then to give you that excitement you are looking for.

We move onto When It All Started which has an intro that builds you up with its rolling beats and euphoric sounds. The drop is literally dripping with a funky bass guitar which has effects on that twist your mind into thinking that they are a different instrument altogether. Second half of the first drop slams you with a wicked reece that gives you a feeling of power and the second drop takes you back to that real funky rhythm.

Friends of the Arts is up next which has a cool 80s electronic funk feel to it with its halftime, almost hip-hop beats and soulful vocals. It’s a great break in style that shows you that Rowpieces’ ability behind a mixing desk is very flexible.

The next track Between the Golden Hours has a beautiful intro which flows on nicely from Friends of the Arts but then drops into a rhythmic beat and soothing vocal. This is another rolling, great piece of music. You can almost see the sun setting when the bongos kick into life and you are taken into a half-light dusk setting.

Now let’s Leave Behind the Negativity with Rowpieces next offering that has a nice thumping drum beat in the intro comprising of the Think Break and real driving force. The reece in this one is deep and gut wrenching and certainly lets you feel like you’re letting out some of the angst from the day.

Caribbean House is up next which takes you on a soulful trip with a more house like feel to it than anything else but could have you fooled that you are on a party island in Croatia with other likeminded people kicking up sand with your feet as you dance the night away with festoon lighting above you and the stars above them.

Just Keep Going (It Won’t Help) is next in line to soften our senses with a driven tune which has a fast paced beat with a soothing melody and a grittier second half to the drop akin to Rowpieces other tunes which just enables you to be taken on a much more interesting journey.

Up next in this musical marvel of an album is The Way That You Touch Me. With a soft romantic nature about it, its a great listen and you could easily put this on over a dinner with a loved one and be at peace with their companionship.

Now let Rowpieces take you on a trip to San Terenzo Beach. The intro makes you feel that you might be on this beach at night as it builds with some wicked sounds and velvety vocal leading you to the drop. When it drops you still feel like this could be set at night, dancing with friends under the stars and having the waves running over your feet while you get down to the rhythmic beats.

Next onto They Never Told Me Truth Hurts, which is a real atmospheric piece of music which takes you on a moody journey through some slow beats and great sampling and melody and lets you feel immersed in the emotion that the tune seems to be portraying.

Yourow Dancer starts with a real electronica feel until the drop where the bassline continues this theme with a gritty 80s sounding synth but brings its own melody that you can’t help but nod your head to.

Next is Do Not Hurry or Nur Ned Hudln in German actually gives you the feeling of being in a hurry with plenty to get done in a day but it enables you to go about your business with efficiency and speed. With some beautiful piano riffs that lead the drums and the bassline in the background.

The LP ends with a great outro track called the Law of Attraction that calms you down after the emotion filled album that Rowpieces has delivered us.

What a fantastic album, this had my hairs standing on end. The visual journey the album creates is truly breath-taking. Big thanks to Rowpieces for creating this art for our listening pleasure.

Review by Strex for Nakedbeatz Music


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